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  P 600 Series

Application Profile

The universally applicable, micro-processor-controlled hand-held instruments, Series P600, are ideal for measuring operations in which high accuracy counts or the possibility of online documentation is demanded.

Areas of Application
  • Measurements for quality assurance according to ISO 9000
  • As a reference instrument for checking production
  • For taking comparison measurements in service and repair
  • For registration of humidity and temperature in air conditioning and environmental engineering
  • Long-term monitoring of temperature and/or relative humidity with online documentation

Product Features
  • RS232 interface galvanically isolated
  • Optional DE-Graph Windows Software for graphic and tabular documentation
  • High measuring accuracy (P650/P655 +/-0,03�C)
  • Integrated calibration function for simple compensation of sensor tolerance
  • Physical 1-point, 2-point or 3-point calibration function
  • Measuring channels are freely assignable
  • Recording maximum, minimum, hold and average values
  • Integrated sensor holder for one hand operation
  • Mains operation possible
  • Simultaneous display of two measured values
  • Differential temperature display (2 channel instruments only)
  • All Pt100-inputs in 4-wire-layout
  • �C/�F-switchable
  ATP 4200 Precision Thermometer
  • Accuracy 5mK
  • Resolution 1mK
  • Measuring Range: -200...+962�C
  • 2 Channels
  • Digital Interface and Integrated Keyboard
  • High Long-term Stability
  T 800 Multi-Purpose Thermometer
  • 2x Pt100, -200...+800�C
  • Differential Measurements T1-T2
  • Resolution 0.1% (over full range)
  • Optional Evaluation Software for Windows
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