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CAN Bus Devices

CAN is implemented by a large number of industries including automotive, truck, bus, agriculture, marine, construction, medical, factory automation, textile, and many others. CAN is used as the basis for several major "7-layer" protocol developments such as J1939, CANopen, SDS, DeviceNet, and NMEA-2000. Each of these large protocol architectures are essentially complete industry-specific network solutions packaged to include defined requirements for the physical layer, address structure, message structure, conversation structure, data structure, and application/network interface. Pre-packaged "7-layer" protocols provide high value for vertically integrated industries like heavy truck, marine, or factory automation.

How do our customers benefit from our offerings?

As with any bus system there can be problems in the implementation or in real-world environments. Problems can be sporadic or caused by external influences difficult to locate and analyze. Until now, development personnel had to travel to customers, special test programs had to be written. Expensive and time consuming tasks which lead to delays and unhappy customers.

What do we offer?

We offer self-contained measurement and analysis devices which can be used to log CAN messages and measurements over an extended period of time. No supervision is required, no technician has to been deployed. We emphasized on ease-of-use and highest data security.

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